Tandem Hands

We are writers and illustrators creating books for all ages, from children's books to books for older readers, as well as comic books. We self-publish our books under our own imprint. 

About Our Books

"Tandem" means two things working together towards a common goal, and "Hands" are the instruments we use to make our dreams come true.


By working in tandem, we have been able to write and illustrate our own books.  We use our skills to take our hand-drawn sketches and written outlines to a finished product. 


We have already published several  family-friendly children's books that are colorfully illustrated stories that are whimsical and entertaining.


We are working on  books for older children that will feature original, courageous characters having fun and exciting adventures. 


And very soon, we will have a comic book series featuring an original hero unlike any you've seen before.

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